The Capitals' Stanley Cup parade was a boozy, expletive-filled party and here are the highlights

Washington D.C. held its first Stanley Cup parade on Tuesday to celebrate it finally being the Capitals' year. If you've kept tabs on the Caps' celebrations and parties with the Cup since they clinched it by taking down the Vegas Golden Knights last week, you knew that the parade would be a wild time. 

The players have seemed to soak up every moment of the celebration that followed the first championship in the 40-year history of the organization, and the spectacle has been highly entertaining to watch. Those players didn't wait for the parade to kick off before starting their party on Tuesday.

Alex Ovechkin has been on a legendary bender over the past handful of days and somehow he doesn't seem to be slowing down. Then again, Russian machine never break.

Devante Smith-Pelly got his hands on a custom title belt courtesy of the WWE, and he put that thing to good use while double-fisting pounders before the parade even got rolling.

As you'd expect, the players weren't the only ones partying for the occasion -- the fans seemed to be quite hydrated as well.

Eventually, the parade finally got underway and the Caps basically shut down Constitution Ave. They rolled along the street in double-decker buses.

The party raged on from atop the buses. 

Before the parade, it was estimated that over 100,000 people would show up for the party. Sure enough, the turnout was insane.

That parade led to a massive rally in front of the Capitol building

The party really picked up when the team got to the stage. As they were introduced one by one, the players made sure to put on a show for the crowd in attendance. 

There were several video tributes and rousing speeches during the rally, but one thing we've also come to expect is plenty of hot mic expletives as well. (Looking at you, Corey Crawford.) The hard-partying Caps brought a few of those on Tuesday, and they were pretty magical. Evgeny Kuznetsov closed out his speech with a wild line ("let's f--- this s---") and Alex Ovechkin wrapped up the day's festivities with an emphatic f-bomb followed by some guttural screams.

Oh, and of course they sang that damn song.

It feels pretty safe to assume that the party raged on in D.C. for both the fans and the Caps well after Ovechkin's closing remarks. It's just been that kind of week.

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