Tim Thomas' new mask to feature Panthers, lots of Panthers

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Because Tim Thomas didn't sign a contract with the Florida Panthers until just before the season began, he was behind his colleagues across the league in getting a mask designed to fit his team's motiffe. Instead he's been going with the classic, all-white design so far this season while his mask was being worked on.

His mask is now complete and will be in his hands soon enough. Steve Nash and the crew at EyeCandy Air are finished on their end, it just needs to be put back together and shipped to Thomas in Florida. Soon enough this is what he'll be wearing.

From the top.

Here's a view of it from the side.

And then there's the backplate, too. This is what it looked like before the paint was finished, getting the gold touch that exists elsewhere on the helmet. Personally, this is my favorite part, cool use of the back panel.

It sure beats all white, now doesn't it? Certainly has a lot more color than his final mask in Boston. As usual, excellent work being done at EyeCandy. You have to say this: there is no mistaking what team Thomas plays for. Everywhere you look on the mask there's another growling Panther to greet you.

This much can be said about the mask; it's pretty sharp and has a classic touch to it. But until the defense in front of him (and Thomas himself) improve, not many are going to notice how nice his new mask looks.

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