Tom Wilson had a very eventful night in his Capitals return after having his suspension reduced

Tom Wilson returned to the ice Tuesday night, making his season debut in Minnesota just hours after having his 20-game suspension reduced to 14 games by an independent arbitrator. And, wouldn't you know it, the Capitals forward delivered a very Tom Wilson-esque performance in his return.

While he didn't elbow anyone in the head, he did manage to score a blue collar goal on a one-timer directly in front of the Wild net, and somehow managed to pick up a goaltender interference call in the sequence. I'm not quite sure how it's possible to interfere with a goalie AFTER you've scored a goal and the play is dead, but if anyone can find a way it's Wilson, I suppose. 

(In all seriousness, there wasn't any malicious intent on this play; it seemed like Wilson tried to avoid contact but was driven into the netminder by the Minnesota defenseman. It probably shouldn't have even been a penalty.)

And if anyone thought that Wilson might be hesitant to bring some nastiness following his lengthy suspension, well ... come on, you probably should have known better. He dropped the gloves with Marcus Foligno immediately after a second-period faceoff at center ice. It wasn't the most thrilling bout you've ever seen, but it proved that Wilson isn't going to shy away from his fiery old school ways.

There has yet to be a Gordie Howe Hat Trick in the NHL this season, but Wilson got two-thirds of the way there in his first game back Tuesday night. Unfortunately, he couldn't seal the deal with an assist, but the Capitals came away with a solid 5-2 victory and Wilson's "play a game without attempting to turn an opponent's brain into scrambled eggs" streak is now officially at one (1) game. 

Good start.

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