Toronto goes green for St. Patrick's Day: Five of the all-time weirdest NHL jerseys

The Toronto Maple Leafs are making sure you don’t forget about St. Patrick’s Day this year.

Paying tribute to their earlier years as the 1920s-era St. Pats with striped throwbacks for a Saturday showdown with the Chicago Blackhawks, they certainly aren’t going to be overlooked on the ice.

Toronto’s limited-time threads are a nice touch for the shamrock holiday, and they make sense because once upon a time, they were actually part of the team’s uniform arsenal. That doesn’t mean, though, that they don’t bring to mind a slew of other creative -- and some not-so-appealing -- jerseys to have hit the NHL over the years.

Fashionistas, brace yourselves. Here are five of the weirdest:

The Neon Experiment: 2015 All-Star Game jerseys

The neon element on the NHL’s 2015 All-Star Game jerseys was hard to ignore.

Why do these feel like they belong in some sci-fi movie where hockey has been relocated to some steel-coated space station? The neon inclusion is reminiscent of the NFL’s short-lived infatuation with bright-colored all-star jerseys. And while the enlarged NHL shield sure looks crisp, it didn’t play as well on real-life unis.

The Optical Illusion: 2009 Montreal Canadiens throwbacks

The Canadiens honored their 1912-13 jerseys by going with these striped spectacles in 2009.

The real question with these is: Can you see them?

For your own good, don’t stare too long. These optical illusions were a throwback to the 1912-13 years, when old-fashioned eyeglasses were apparently more equipped to handle an assault of clashing color lines.

The Disneyworld Getup: 1995-96 Anaheim Ducks alternates

Disney made its presence felt on the Anaheim Ducks’ 1995-96 third jerseys. Pinterest

How this ever became an actual jersey design I cannot say. Yes, we all know Disney was behind the Ducks’ formation, so this literal cartoon alternate has a background. But we can probably all understand why it did not last.

The Stormy Conglomeration: 1996-99 Tampa Bay Lightning alternates

There was a storm of imagery on the Lightning’s third jerseys from 1996-99. Photobucket

The concept is admirable for a team trying to sell itself as the Lightning, but why didn’t anyone in the production line stop and think, “Hey, maybe there’s just a little too much going on here?”

The Deep V: 1978-85 Vancouver Canucks jerseys

The Canucks had no problem donning a fake valley-sized neckline in the late 1970s and into the ‘80s.

The real-life V-neck threads are even more astounding than this design. Talk about a bold era for the Canucks.

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