Trotz: Sergei Kostitsyn 'absolutely not' playing Tuesday after gaffe

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Sergei Kostitsyn wanted off the ice so bad on Sunday during the game that he's going to get his wish on Tuesday night. He's not going to play at all.

Kostitsyn made one of the biggest bonehead plays that you'll ever see in hockey when he lost the puck at the blue line on the power play. That happens, but what came next was the boneheaded part. After failing to get the puck back, he went to the bench for a change instead of backchecking. It led to a 2-on-1 short-handed chance for Edmonton, which the Oilers converted.

The Predators lost the game 3-2.

So it should come as no surprise that Nashville coach Barry Trotz is going to keep Kostitsyn off the ice all together on Tuesday night, when the Predators head to Columbus to face the streaking Blue Jackets. From The Tennesseean's Joshua Cooper.

Trotz continued: "That's just accountability as a player, to the coach, to the group that you have to be accountable. He wasn't accountable there, so, no, he's not playing."

Trotz is one of the more discipline-oriented coaches whom you will find in the league. He's the only coach that Nashville has known since the franchise began play in 1998-99, and he hasn't stayed there by not holding his players accountable. Remember, he benched Andrei Kostitsyn and Alexander Radulov during last year's playoffs because they broke curfew.

Sergei Kostitysn gets a bad rap partly because of his name and his brother's actions over the years, but he has been a pretty good player for Nashville. This was a step a bit out of character, and he's going to be reminded of that. It was an awful mistake and one that we can definitely say cost the Predators a game.

For his part, Kostitsyn was aware of the mistake that he made and spoke about it after the loss. I'm sure his teammates and coaches ripping him on the bench made it perfectly clear what he had done.

"I made a mistake. I went to change. I should have backchecked but didn't see the second guy was coming there."

You live and you learn, I suppose. Trotz just wants to make sure he learns, so he is being grounded for a game. Or perhaps more -- you can never be quite sure with Trotz.

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