Tweet has Max Pacioretty 'very, very upset' at new Montreal mayor

Desharnais has had a brutal start to the season. (USATSI)
Desharnais has had a brutal start to the season. (USATSI)

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In a city like Montreal where people take their hockey very seriously, being a big fan of the local team (in this case the Canadiens) can only help you to get elected as the mayor. It just might not help you get in the good graces of the actual Canadiens.

Montreal's new mayor Denis Coderre was just elected to the role last week on Nov. 3 but he didn't leave his fandom at the doors of City Hall. He, like many Habs fans, has grown frustrated with the play of David Desharnais, the Habs' centerman with a $3.5 million salary cap hit and only one assist in 17 games. He had grown so frustrated with Desharnais that he let everybody know in a tweet.

I took Spanish, not French, so I'll let the CBC translate that: "Hello? Can we get a one-way ticket to [American Hockey League] Hamilton for David Desharnais please ..."

Not a crazy sentiment, right? Fans tweet things like that and much, much worse every night. Only problem is, Coderre isn't a typical fan anymore and so his tweet made its way to the Canadiens players and Max Pacioretty in particular was not happy.

"I'm very, very upset about that," Pacioretty said.

"What, do you think he's gonna coach our team tomorrow? That's embarrassing ...

"To bring down a player -- such a great person, such a great player, such a hard worker ... Davey's a true competitor and he's a great player and a great teammate, and that's just so uncalled for ... It's only going to make matters worse."

Coach Michel Therrien also remarked about the tweet calling it inappropriate.

Everybody right now knows about the struggles of Desharnais, nobody more so than Desharnais himself and his teammates. It's only going to irk the players to hear about it from somebody who is supposed to constantly root, root, root for the home team.

That said, am I the only one that finds it refreshing to see a political figure keeping some candor and personality when they enter office? It's not necessarily the "politically correct" thing to do but he's a fan and fans get frustrated.

Still, makes you wonder how the Habs players will react in any future engagements with the new mayor. Not the best way to start the tenure.

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