New York Islanders left wing Anthony Beauvillier decided Christmas Day was as good a time as any to shoot his shot with a celebrity. In between opening presents, he logged on to Twitter to try to get the attention of actress Anna Kendrick, who you probably know for her roles in the "Pitch Perfect" series.

I imagine the 22-year-old has been building up the courage to reach out to his 34-year-old crush for some time, going through drafts of the (pitch) perfect thing to say to grab her attention. In order to get her to notice him, you'd think Beauvillier had to come up with an eye-catching, clever, unique message the social media savvy celeb has not heard from her millions of other fans. 

He decided on ... drumroll please ... "Hi @annakendrick47"

I mean, why mess with a classic right? Hello is always a great place to start.

Many people then stepped in to help Anthony win her affection. So many in fact, that the star took notice.

Here are some of the best responses that she is referring to:

Former Islander Bruno Gervais came to the side of Beauvillier during his time of need. 

Beauvillier is too kind.

He's more than just a hockey player.

And he's saving the world?!

Giving organs was a common theme. 

Based on the responses, he's donated about 87 kidneys. 

Some just replied with photos of Beauvillier's good side.

These Twitter users could run a school on how to be the perfect wingman.

No word yet if there's is a date in their future, though some are feeling that glimmer of hope after her response.

The Islanders are in second place in the Metropolitan Division with a 23-9-3 record. Beauvillier has 22 points, 10 goals and 12 assists in 35 games played so far this season. In 2015 he was a first-round pick.