VIDEO: Alex Galchenyuk, Brendan Gallagher pumpkin-carving contest

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Montreal Canadiens forwards Brendan Gallagher and Alex Galchenyuk always work side by side. They each came up to the Canadiens together last season as rookies, playing on the same line and enjoying plenty of success. They work well together.

But this week they had to work against each other. Specifically, they took part in Le Duel, a matchup put on by the Canadiens in a pumpkin carving contest. Best pumpkin wins.

Galchenyuk, who plays for the American national team but spent his youth all over the globe, was a huge underdog to the Canadian-born Gallagher. Only once before had Galchenyuk ever carved a pumpkin, making him almost as much of a novice at that as he is to golf. Gallagher meanwhile had plenty of experience and decided to get ambitious.

While the carving and mistakes are fun to watch, the most interesting part is the banter. Galchenyuk comes across a pretty quiet guy most of the time but he wasn't afraid to throw some verbal jabs with Gallagher and even throw one at Brandon Prust. Who knew Galchenyuk had it in him?

Despite going with an unorthodox "just cut" mentality, Galchenyuk was able to get creative and prop up his pumpkin to lay a beating on Gallagher in the end as far as judges George Parros and Douglas Murray were concerned. Facial hair will win over Parros any day of the week.

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