VIDEO: Angry Tuukka Rask tries to break stick, can't

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Tuukka Rask is, well… passionate. Yeah, let's go with passionate. He also doesn’t like to lose. So when he gave up the winning goal in a shootout to Derek Roy of the Blues, Rask made his displeasure with the situation known by taking it out on his poor, helpless, inanimate stick.

The Bruins goalie slammed it on the post, then slammed it repeatedly on the ice. Try as Rask might, that paddle never broke. 

This isn’t the first time Rask has gone what the young hockey players call “snap-show.” Back in his AHL days, in a similar shootout loss, Rask got a lot of aggression out, once again victimizing a stick, but not breaking it.

If nothing else, the stick makers get free advertising from Rask showing the durability of their product.

Wait, nope... there was this too. The only known recording of Tuukka Rask successfullly breaking his stick (based on my incredibly limited and incomplete research).

So there you have it. Rask hates shootout losses about as much as he apparently hates his goalie sticks. Poor things.

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