VIDEO: Animated map details every NHL team, logo since 1917

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The NHL is getting ever closer to its 100th anniversary. It might still be a little under three years away, but it’s never too early to crank the nostalgia meter up to 11. That’s exactly what designer Ann Frazier, who also blogs about hockey and the San Jose Sharks over at Fear the Fin, did with one of her latest creations.

In a video spanning less than a minute and a half, this animated map shows every team and logo that has graced the NHL by year and location dating all the way back to 1917. It’s a quick, but fun trip through the league’s history that shows both how the aesthetics of the league have changed over the years and how the league has continually grown.

Watching the league start from its humble beginnings before the modern era to the Original Six then onto the various waves of expansion, this video creates an incredibly efficient timeline of more than 95 years of rich history.

The video also looks at how team logos have evolved over time. Keep an eye on the Boston Bruins logo in particular. It's always interesting to watch how logos change with the times, constantly evolving to keep up with the times.

To top it all off, the animation is set to the painfully catchy “Brass Bonanza” which was adopted by the since-relocated Hartford Whalers as their team song. That is about the perfect soundtrack for something like this.

It’s little things like this quick history of the league that make these hockey-less summer months go by just a little bit faster.

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