Video: Another L.A. station mixes up Kings with Sacramento NBA team

You'd think by now the media in Los Angeles would know a little something about the Kings. They're Kings, as in the team that plays at Staples Center and is one win away from making their first visit to the Stanley Cup Final in almost 20 years.

Instead, the news stations in L.A. keep mixing them up with the Sacramento Kings. You know, the team that plays in the city 400 miles to the north that has been awful at basketball for most of the last decade? Yea, that team keeps appearing in stories about the NHL's Kings.

Check out this video from the local CBS affiliaite -- come on, CBS! -- from Game 4's 3-0 Phoenix Coyotes win over the Kings. Notice the mascot that appears near the beginning of the video.

Maybe the basketball jersey should have been a dead giveaway that wasn't a hockey mascot. Or, you know, perhaps paying just a little bit attention to the local hockey team throughout the past, oh I dunno, few decades!

Of course the Kings' snarky Twitter account called out the station. So did the account for Bailey, the Kings' mascot. Both took the shot to wonder what the station was thinking.

But the local CBS affiliate isn't alone here. No, it was the third of the four major news networks to screw something up this postseason. KNBC originally put up a Sacramento Kings logo on a graphic instead of the L.A. Kings and then the Fox affiliate had just an all-around mess of a highlight package (via Puck Daddy). Hey, at least they got the logo right.

I mean I know that L.A. is a basketball town with the Lakers and all, but come on. This is getting a touch ridiculous. L.A. hockey fans, I feel your pain.

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