VIDEO: Ben Bishop, Brandon Prust mix it up during TV timeout

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TV timeouts are usually the quietest moment in any hockey game. The shovels come out to clean the ice a bit, fans in the building go to get a hot dog or a beer, and no one at home knows what’s going on. However, during the second period Saturday in a game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the home Montreal Canadiens, in addition to the shovels, the fists came out too, during a stop in play.

Habs agitator Brandon Prust had a few words for Lightning goalie Ben Bishop. The netminder didn’t like what he was hearing and approached Prust. The Montreal forward then jabbed Bishop with his stick in a rather sensitive area (not shown in the video above, but seen here):

That’s when Bishop started throwing punches. Prust actually connected with a pretty good right to Bishop’s mask, too.

Meanwhile the shovels were still out there and several skaters from the Habs and Lightning’s benches joined the fracas. It was a rather strange sight. Even Carey Price made his way down the ice.

Coming out of this scrape, Prust received only a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Bishop and Price got a minors for leaving the crease. Also, George Parros and Radko Gudas, who actually had a mini fight along the boards each got 10-minute misconducts.

Prust getting only two minutes is rather ridiculous, though it's hard to believe the refs were able to see what he did as it was a pretty subtle spear. Still, there should be some sort of extra discipline for that kind of behavior. That's totally unacceptable on Prust's part to go after another team's goalie like that in a media timeout.

Meanwhile, Bishop's last start ended early after he was hit in the head and was questionable to even start Saturday. He can’t be getting into a situation like that, even though Prust probably goaded him into it.

Also, those ice shovel people may want to ask for a raise or some hazard pay. The look on their faces as this developed brought a little levity to a rather ugly incident.

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