VIDEO: Blackhawks score own goal on delayed penalty

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The Edmonton Oilers can use all the help they can get these days, especially when they run up against a team like the defending Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks in Chicago. Ever the gracious hosts, the Blackhawks did indeed help the Oilers on Sunday evening.

With the Blackhawks already on a power play, the Oilers took another penalty and the referee was just waiting for the Oilers to touch up the puck. With goalie Antti Raanta scrambling back to the bench, Patrick Kane threw the puck toward the point to set up a cycle on what was now a 6-on-4. Only problem was there was nobody at the point.

Instead of being collected by a Blackhawk, the puck deflected off the boards and ricocheted right toward the open Chicago net, it's pace agonizingly slow as it became clear where it was headed.

This is how goalie goals often happen but in this case Devan Dubnyk didn't get credit, that went to Boyd Gordon as he was the last Oiler to touch the puck. Gordon, by the way, was on the bench when the puck went in. So much for having to be on the ice to score.

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