VIDEO: Blackhawks take top holiday video with Magical Movie Collection

Captain Serious as Wolverine. (Screen grab)
Captain Serious as Wolverine. (Screen grab)

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There are only a couple of shopping days left before Christmas and the Chicago Blackhawks have used all the time to complete hands down the best team Christmas video of the holiday season. Again. They saved the best for last.

How did the Blackhawks follow up their awesome sing-a-long Christmas album video back in 2011? By transforming their players from singers into actors with the Chicago Blackhawks Magical Movie Collection.

It's nothing short of brilliant.

The voice-over encourages you to treat your loved ones with a selection from the movie collection but my question is how can you be reasonably expected to select just one of these?

Patrick Kane as Anakin Skywalker and Jonathan Toews as Wolverine are both going to be big hits, no doubt about it. The casting of Kane especially is perfect and Toews has the dramatic delivery of a bad pun down pat as if he's been studying David Carusso.

However let's not overlook some of the other candidates for best lead actor in a short film.

- Nick Leddy as Napoleon Dynamite? Well, it's just dynamite.

- Brandon Saad doing his best Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook, trash bag and all.

- Kris Versteeg is rapping (poorly) once again as Eminem in 8 Mile.

- Patrick Sharp as Batman, the Christian Bale Batman it would appear. The voice, the jaw; perfectly cast.

- Then thereis' Brandon Bollig opposite Brandon Bollig, which could be worth an award on the special effects side of things.

This fails to mention the plethora of other excellent nominations that didn't quite make the cut. Antti Raanta as Billy Zabka's character in Karate Kid, was held back by Andrew Shaw's Ralph Macchio performance, for instance.

The Blackhawks: Best in the NHL at more than just playing hockey.

S/t Puck Daddy

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