VIDEO: Brad Marchand goes down after hit, grabs opposite leg

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In the second period of Game 3 in Detroit on Tuesday night, Red Wings defenseman Brendan Smith was called for interference on Bruins forward and perpetual pest Brad Marchand. It was a potentially dangerous hit at the blue line where Smith appeared to stick his leg out to take down Marchand.

Marchand immediately fell to the ice and grabbed at his knee before eventually being helped off the ice. It looked awfully close to kneeing, close to being a really bad hit from Smith.

Marchand left the game, going down the tunnel to the dressing room for a few moments. It wasn't that long, though, until he was back. Phew, the Bruins avoided an injury scare and got a power play out of it.

It started to draw more attention though on review. Take a look at what side Marchand gets clipped on and what leg he reaches for on the ice (via @MyRegularFace).

Sell job? It sure looked like it at first but maybe not. It might not have been the correct knee in terms of which was hit but Marchand said it was his other knee that was the one that hurt. From DJ Bean at WEEI:

"I twisted it when I landed there," Marchand said of his right knee. "It kind of felt like a pop, and my leg was tingling a bit. I just wanted to make sure it was OK and moving right."

Either way, it was not a good play from Smith. At all. It likely will not be enough to warrant even consideration from the NHL Department of Safety for any supplemental discipline, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a bad decision from Smith. It didn't appear as though he hit Marchand knee-to-knee but that might have been more luck than anything.

Video via PHT

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