VIDEO: Brawl erupts in stands at Game 6 between Rangers, Flyers fans

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The first-round playoff series between the Rangers and Flyers has been described by some as almost dull, lacking the kind of animosity we're used to seeing in the playoffs, particularly with two historic rivals.

While there might not have been a ton of that nastiness on the ice through the first six games, there certainly has been between Rangers and Flyers fans. The added another sad chapter (remember this?) in their infamous relationship on Tuesday night in Philadelphia.

In the third period of the Flyers' 5-2 win, a fight broke out in the "cheap" seats. And then broke out some more.

WARNING: There is a lot of NSFW language so be careful where/how loud you watch

And from another angle (but sadly still with a phone held vertically).

We could get into the varying stories as to what happened or whatever (surely somebody else always started the fight) but what's the point, nobody looks good here. Can't we all just enjoy some hockey?

Most games get on without incident and that includes games between these two teams but all it takes is the occasional brouhaha and once again fan bases are labled in ways they don't want to be labled.

S/t The Big Lead

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