VIDEO: Charlie Coyle makes kid's day in most precious video you'll see

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Hockey players are famously hard. They withstand brutal hits, fights and pucks to every possible part of the body and keep on playing. Break a bone? No problem, keep playing. They are as tough as athletes come, a fact that is almost universally accepted in the sports world.

Hockey players also have a softer, more compassionate side. Minnesota Wild forward Charlie Coyle demonstrated that with one very small gesture that made the day for one adorable young Wild fan.

The video above shows the scene that this photo that has spread like crazy summed up in two stills.

OK, now let's say it together. Ready: Awwwwwwwwwww!

That rivals the most precious, adorable, cute, whatever word you want to use, image you'll see. The kid was overtaken with joy from the simple act of Coyle waving hello. He just made a fan for life. Watch that again and try to not smile, I dare you.

Hockey: don't ever stop being so awesome.

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