VIDEO: Charlie Coyle scores shootout winner with 'Triple Deke'

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When you stop to think about it, the similarities between Minnesota Wild forward Charlie Coyle and fictional forward Charlie Conway of Disney’s The Mighty Ducks are eerie. They both play hockey in Minnesota, they’re both forwards, they’re both named Charlie.

The similarities don’t stop there, though. They both have the same shootout move.

As you may recall, Charlie Conway delivered victory for his District 5 Mighty Ducks squad in the Minnesota State Pee Wee Championship on a game-ending penalty shot. On the victorious attempt, Conway pulled the move he was taught by legendary head coach Gordon Bombay, the now famous “Triple Deke.”

The triple deke’s succeeds in its simplicity. By merely moving the puck back and forth three times, the goalie is almost lulled to sleep by it. Before he knows it, the puck is in the net.

Like Conway’s famous move, Coyle skated in on Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec. As he neared the net, Coyle started the meticulous process of the triple deke. He moved the puck to from his backhand to his forehand, back to his backhand, back to his forehand and in the back of the net. Pavelec never had a chance.

So Coyle, in a game-winning situation, with everyone chanting his name (unconfirmed) scored a game-winning goal against a team with an evil --looking head coach (sorry, Claude Noel), just like Conway did against the Hawks all those years ago.

While not nearly as huge as the Minnesota State Pee Wee Championship, Coyle’s goal did help Minnesota earn a 3-2 victory, improve to 15-5-4 and move into second place in the Central Division. Like Conway, Coyle was the hero. Mirror images.

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