VIDEO: Corey Crawford drops two f-bombs at Blackhawks parade

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The Chicago Blackhawks had their chance to celebrate the Stanley Cup with the city of Chicago on Friday in front a packed Grant Park. It was quite a scene, but it's just not a Cup parade these days without somebody giving us a memorable moment.

When Patrick Kane came to the stage it looked like it might be good ol' Kaner. He started with a bellowing "CHICAGOOOOO!" and looked to be having some fun. But in a surprise, Corey Crawford stole the show. Kane brought Crawford forward to present him with the title belt as the team's best postseason player and, well, Crawford took over from there.

NSFW Warning: Bad language awaits.

Jonathan Quick has some competition for best goalie speeches at championship parades. Quick dropped a couple of f-bombs of his own in LA last year and now Crawford. It seems to me that the guys were enjoying the same type of beverages before taking the stage. Apparently, the goalie f-bombs are the new bad raps (right Versteeg and Marchand?).

Who knew Crawford had that in him?

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