VIDEO: Coyotes goalie Mike Smith really sells this tripping call

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Phoenix Coyotes goaltender Mike Smith is a fine goalie and he know he's good with his stick, joining the rare company of goalies to score in an NHL game.

But Mike Smith also has a rather unfortunate reputation, one that is just as rare for a goaltender: he's a diver. From time to time Smith has been known to embellish contact just a wee bit as Andrew Shaw once found out. He was hit, no doubt, but it seemed just a little exaggerated.

Smith went down on Tuesday night with the Coyotes playing in Montreal and this one wasn't a little exaggerated; it was exaggerated a lot. There's no disputing this one; check out this dive.

Judges? We'd say that's a quality dive right there, worthy of about a 9.5 or so. Not perfect, but close to flawless.

Dive or not, what Smith did worked. Montreal's Max Pacioretty was called for a trip on the play. There was some contact on the play but sheesh. If the ref weren't looking the other direction perhaps he would have called Smith for embellishment as well but alas, only Pacioretty took a penalty. It might look gross but it's savvy. It also won't help Smith to rid himself of the diver label.

S/t @annfrazi

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