VIDEO: Damien Brunner scores highlight-reel goal after steal

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You know the saying in sports that if you want something bad enough, go take it? Well Devils forward Damien Brunner really wanted to score a goal on Wednesday night against the Senators aand did he ever go out and take it.

Literally, he began the play by taking the puck away from Senators defenseman Jared Cowen with a ferocious forecheck. He then took the puck mostly unmolested and finished the goal with a great Forsbergian deke for the score. Here's the whole play again in GIF form.

OK, so was there a slash from Brunner on the play? Sure looks like it from that angle and if you're a Senators fan you surely agree, you know coach Paul MacLean will be on your side. Tougher still to swallow given that it took place in the middle of the open ice with nobody around and resulted in a goal. Cowen's stick didn't break but it sure looks like Brunner gave a good smack to force it out of his hands. It's obviously debateable, that much can be agreed on.

No call aside, that's a heck of a finish from Brunner and we'll give him a bonus point for the hard forecheck even if he might have stolen the puck under an illegal pretense. There was nothing wrong about that finish, though.

One bit of consolation for Senators fans (maybe?) is that this goal in the end didn't matter too much. Behind Brunner's goal and assist the Devils cruised to a pretty dominant victory, 5-2 over the Sens.

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