VIDEO: Daniel Carcillo stares down taunting Flyers fans after goal

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There was a time where the Philadelphia Flyers faithful loved Daniel Carcillo. He was their kind of player. Now that he’s on another team, particularly the hated New York Rangers, he’s not so popular anymore. That lack of popularity likely turned into pure hatred when Carcillo scored a dagger goal in Game 3.

Of course the goal came immediately after Carcillo escaped the penalty box, though in his defense he was put there by a weak hooking call.

He immediately was rewarded for his questionable imprisonment by an absolutely terrific feed from Brian Boyle. Carcillo charged hard to the net, Boyle put the puck on his tape and he put it through Ray Emery. Warning: Double birds from the fan in the Giroux jersey on the video and subsequent GIF, so maybe don’t watch this one with the kiddies.

Carcillo put the exclamation point on the goal with the defiant celebration into the glass where he received a less than warm welcome from a guy who might have one day owned a No. 13 Flyers jersey back in the day. Even as he was being mobbed by his teammates, Carcillo stared the Philly fans right in the eyes. Chilling stuff, really. Here’s the GIF just for good measure via @myregularface:

Carcillo also had a few probably less than pleasant words for the Flyers’ bench on his way to his own.

Carcillo of course was asked his thoughts on his adoring fans in Philadelphia.

Think that will ramp up the intensity in this series a bit?

The Rangers earned the 4-1 win and now lead the series over the Flyers 2-1.

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