VIDEO: Dodger Stadium goes wild after Kings clinch Stanley Cup

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The Los Angeles Dodgers were in the bottom of the sixth against the Arizona Diamondbacks, but the concourses were rather packed. That’s particularly odd for a half inning in which the home team is batting, but there was a good reason. Many fans in Dodger Stadium were watching the concourse monitors to see the second overtime between the Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers.

When Alec Martinez scored the overtime winning goal to give the Kings the Cup, the crowd went wild. It caught those on the field and still in their seats a bit off guard, but the celebration went on for a while. Also, those watching on TV and now the video about can hear the great Vin Scully talk about hockey and Vin Scully talking about anything is pretty great.

“What a year, what a finish,” Scully said over the cheers of the many. “That’s a remarkable, remarkable, remarkable accomplishment.”

“The crowd here inside the stadium and on the concourse have come together, the Dodgers and the Kings have come together. The heartiest congratulations to the team and management. What a marvelous season.”

Vin Scully should narrate everything.

The Dodgers notified the remaining fans in their seats with a big bright message on the giant video board in center field and there was more cheering.

It’s pretty cool for this lifelong baseball and hockey fan to see this kind of excitement for hockey at a baseball game in Los Angeles, Calif. What a sight.

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