VIDEO: Don Cherry completes Ice Bucket Challenge in fabulous suit

Don Cherry is a lot of things: Television person, questionable fashionista, former NHL coach, professional bloviator, and what the hockey world would also call a “beauty.” He’s all of those things in one in his recent video in which he accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge from Coach’s Corner co-host Ron MacLean.

Cherry, as he’s wont to do, gives a long intro to his video, which in typical fashion was all over the place and kind of great. Cherry also said that he was watching the classic movie “The Pride of the Yankees” about Lou Gehrig the same day he was challenged by Ron MacLean, so he took it as some kind of sign.

The Ice Bucket Challenge as you now must be aware is a viral campaign to raise awareness and money for ALS, which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. So Cherry was inspired to talk a little bit about Gehrig and ALS as a result.

With the help of his son Del, Cherry took a full bucket of ice water over his head in stride, as you’d expect. He finished it off with his trademark thumbs up and phrase, “Beauty!”

From the suit, to the intro to the finish, Cherry delivered in a big way in his Ice Bucket Challenge.

The viral sensation has been delivering, too. The ALS Association revealed Thursday that since July 29, the organization has seen donations of more than $41 million. Of those that have donated so far, the organization says that 739,275 have come from new donors. That’s remarkable.

The Ice Bucket Challenge was started in honor of former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, who suffers from the disease. Since it’s begun, your Facebook and Twitter feeds have been inundated with challenges from all over and you’ve probably already done it yourself or will soon. 

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