VIDEO: ECHL Stockton Thunder to play on ice painted by 845 fans

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There have been some pretty interesting things done to the ice in hockey in recent years such as dying the whole sheet pink or yellow (remember Nashville?) or even just taking it outdoors like the NHL, but never have you seen something quite like what the Stockton Thunder will play on Friday night.

The ECHL team opened up the arena to fans (mostly kids) to come and dress up the ice like it were a sidewalk in the summer time by painting all over it, excluding the logos and important ice markings, of course. Basically any playce of free real estate was taken up.

As you can see in the video above, many of the messages are pretty simple and straightforward. But there were some true artistic renderings. From the Thunder's website:

A total of 845 participants created artwork using special ice paint provided by Naf’s Ice Paints and SMG. Some fans wrote their names, tributes to friends or family, good luck messages to the Thunder, a couple country flags, and even a few of our favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, Raphael from TMNT, and Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I don't know, painting the ice seems like something more suited for Michelangelo but maybe that's just me.

Well, good luck to the Thunder and the San Francisco Bulls players when they play, they're going to need it when they go trying to find the puck.

S/t Sporting News

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