Video: Evgeny Artyukhin snaps in a KHL game, jumps player from behind

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Evgeny Artyukhin lost his marbles in a KHL game this week and snapped. This was unfortunate for Janne Jalasvaara of Dynamo Moscow, the victim of Artyukhin's wrath.

In the game between SKA St. Petersburg and Dynamo Moscow, Jalasvaara hit Artyukhin into the boards and apparently held on to the check too long for Artyukhin's liking. The result was Artyukhin grabbing Jalasvaara from behind and yanking him like a dog on a leash before beginning to pummel Jalasvaara.

Very clearly Jalasvaara was defenseless, but that didn't stop Artyukhin's attack. It also, curiously, didn't bring Jalasvaara's teammates to his aid; they let the referees handle it while they sat back and watched. Maybe they were afraid of what Artyukhin would do to them next?

The result for Artyukhin was a slew of penalties: two minors, a fighting major, a 10-minute instigating major and a game misconduct. The result for Jalasvaara was a painful and frustrating exit from the game himself.

If the name Evgeny Artyukhin sounds familiar, it should. He played in 199 games in his NHL career, most recently in 2009-10 with the Atlanta Thrashers. In those 199 games he racked up a total of 313 penalty minutes, 19 goals and 30 assists.

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