VIDEO: FHL players elect to hug and drink beer instead of fight

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Fighting in hockey is an odd animal. On occasion the fights are out of genuine anger and fury, other times they are almost cordial in nature with opponents congratulating each other after a bout.

Or sometimes they just skip the fighting altogether and go right to the hug and a beer. OK, so that one doesn't happen often but it did happen on Friday night in the Federal Hockey League.

Midway through the third period of the Dayton Demonz's 4-0 win at home over the Danville Dashers, it looked like an old-fashioned round of fisticuffs was coming. The gloves were dropped, play stopped and the players were circling, a sign of a big bout on the way.

Next thing you know, Jesse Felton of Dayton and Matt Puntureri weren't fighting but hugging. That wasn't all, though, because a second later Puntureri pulled a beer out from beneath his pants and cracked it open with a toast to the crowd, Stone Cold Steve Austin style.

The two then took a bit of a victory lap to some applause but not every fan was pleased by the lack of a fight. Hopes dashed. Certainly it looks like a bit of a joke and a mockery but this is the FHL we're talking about here; it's about the show more than the hockey.

One of the announcers calling the ... action hypothesized "I think that was set up." Well I'm not so sure about that one, I mean it's pretty common for hockey players in a pro league to carry beer under their equipment at all times, right?

By the way, neither player even received a penalty for their game of charades. You'd think there would at least be a delay of game in there but no harm (literally), no foul.

S/t Deadspin

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