VIDEO: Fight breaks out in stands at Sharks-Predators game

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The fights aren't always just for the guys on the ice at hockey games. Some people in Nashville found this out on Tuesday night in their team's overtime win over the Sharks.

In the third period, things got a bit unruly when one Sharks fan got out of his seat, marched down a few flights of stairs and took a swing at a Predators fan, a real haymaker. He put so much force behind the punch and missed that he tumbled down the stairs toward the ice.

Fighting at a hockey game is a bad/stupid/horrible/criminal idea. Fighting at a hockey game on the stairs defies stupidity. It's downright reckless.

While you can't see a ton from the video other than the missed swing and the Sharks fan flying down the stairs and then coming back up in the arms of his security escorts -- what goes down, must come up, right? -- there's quite the description from the guys at On The Forecheck, a Predators blog.

Here is the story as cobbled together from one Predators fan, @Predatweeter:

Was in the section over from the fight in the stands, saw it all. Really brutal. And sad. Sharks fan yells obscenities/flies bird at her whole section – she’s ejected. Fans cheer, her boyfriend gets angry, starts same thing. Boyfriend asks Preds fan six rows away to fight – he comes down stairs, they go tumbling down several rows, throwing punches. Sharks fan rails on Preds guy till everyone else in the section goes to break it up. Sharks fan gets tangled in his own shirt, takes beating. Bunch of guys in Preds gear jumped on him till it was diffused. Definitely blood, arrests. Ugly. Booze clearly involved. Don’t condone Preds fans actions, but largely self defense/helping. Hated to see it. From what I saw, most Preds fans attempted to break it up. Sharks fan kept throwing punches/yelling after being detained. Finally, multiple people escorted out of the stands. Too bad, missed a good ending – thanks to @TheViewfrom111 for the great seats.

Wow. At the bar, talking to Preds fan who helped restrain Sharks fan. Said he got him restrained from behind, but then (more) Sharks fan whirls around, hits him in the face, and pushes Preds fan’s girlfriend down stairs. Preds fan bloodied, given new (free) shirt. This guy’s girlfriend is saying Sharks fan was screaming incredibly misogynistic insults at women in section. She hit him. To clarify: Preds fan’s girlfriend hit after being hit, or so she’s telling me.

Will point this out for those who don't go to Preds games - I've been going since 2007 and [have] never seen a single fight.

Why can't we all just get along?

I would like to say I'm amazed adults still fight at sporting events, but I'm not. You add the heat of competition -- fans are invested, so they get competitive, too -- and some alcohol, and these things will happen. But after what happened last year to some Vancouver fans at the Shark Tank, you'd hope fans would cut it out.

And, yes, before you go there, we all know that things like this don't represent entire fan bases. They are isolated incidents given how infrequently they happen.

S/t to The Big Lead

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