Video: Finland's Sakari Salminen misses open net from point-blank range

Ever since I was a little kid attending games (no matter the sport), one of the highlights every night was watching the lowlights. The blooper real on the big screen always felt like it was worth the price of admission alone for me.

With no NHL play, you'd think it would be pretty sad without hockey bloopers like Craig Smith's amazing empty-net miss last season for the Predators. If there are no games, there are no mistakes to laugh at.

Thankfully, only the NHL is locked out, not the sport of hockey. As a result, we can watch Sakari Salminen pull his best Craig Smith immitation for Team Finland!

Oof. There are no excuses on that one about the puck jumping or anything else like that; it was just a shank. Salminen got the yips worse than Jim Furyk in the clutch at the Ryder Cup.

You have to admit, though, it's awfully impressive that he was actually able to miss that shot. Salminen was on the edge of the crease right down the middle of the ice when he took the shot and sailed it wide left. It's almost as if he tried to do that.

In the end, it wasn't too bad, just perhaps a bruised ego for Salminen. The Finns held on to win the game over their Scandanavian rivals despite the missed insurance goal and Mikko Koivu going to the sin bin late for tripping.

H/t to Michael Russo

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