VIDEO: Glenn Healy doesn't think Pavel Datsyuk is super talented

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From the great moments in Glenn Healy remarks comes this gem from before Game 3 on Monday night between the Red Wings and Blackhawks on the CBC. The quality of the video isn't great, but it's worth it to hear something that will make you shake your head in disbelief.

What the what??

Pavel Datsyuk doesn't have "all the god-blessed talent in the world but is a hard worker"? We're talking about the same Pavel Datsyuk here, right? I mean there's not another Pavel Datsyuk that I can't think of in the NHL somewhere, is there? Because I'm pretty sure that the Datsyuk I'm thinking of is the most talented player in the world in terms of stick-handling ability and the amazing things he can pull off.

I'm sure he works very hard at his craft, but come on, he was blessed with more than enough raw talent. Almost as amazing as Healy saying that was Kevin Weekes just completely ignoring such a statement and plowing on.

S/t to @HarrisonMooney

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