VIDEO: Goalie fight breaks out in AHL game with Malcolm Subban

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Goalie fights are goalie fights, whether they are in the NHL or in the many other levels of hockey. They are usually pretty clumsy as the netminders are wearing a ton of gear and are generally just not accustomed to fighting. They are also pretty entertaining.

So with that said ... Goalie Fight!

That's the Providence Bruins and the Hartford Wolfpack on Sunday in an AHL tilt and more specifically that's Bruins goaltending prospect Malcolm Subban dancing with Rangers prospect Scott Stajcer.

Subban, of course, is the younger brother of Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban who has shown before he's adept at fighting. However it doesn't look like Malcolm picked up too much from his older brother as Stajcer seemed to get the better of him, or at least threw a lot more punches; I'm not sure if any of them landed.

The best part? The very amicable ending to the fight complete with a couple of taps, what looks like perhaps some congratulations on a good fight and a simple split. Seeing the lack of animosity afterward makes you wonder why it happened in the first place (the same can be said for pretty much any goalie fight, honestly) but it's still nice to see.

As to what set off the line brawl that led to a goalie fight in the neutral zone (between two willing combatants, it seems)? Well it appears that the game just got a bit out of hand with Providence comfortably ahead 5-0 late in the third period and when a fight broke out on the ice, matters just devolved from there. But hey, who really cares what happened, there was a goalie fight.

Subban, who was drafted in the first round by the Bruins in 2012, was recently called up to the AHL level. He had just picked up his first win in the AHL on Saturday and on Sunday he tallied his first fight. Quite a week.

Providence won the game 6-0, by the way.

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