VIDEO: High-speed cameras detail science of the slapshot

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The slapshot is the most famous shot in hockey. It almost has a mystical aura about it. Though hard to control, when one is hit just right, it can take your breath away. Though the shots can be in the net within a blink of an eye, watching how a slapshot is taken in super slow motion might actually be even cooler.

The folks over at Smarter Every Day took some time with the hockey team at the University of Alabama Huntsville to study the physics of the slapshot, including a look at the sticks used and the force required to fire away a great slapoer.

This isn’t the first time slapshots have been filmed with a high-speed camera, but there’s a lot of fun info attached to this, too. Seeing everything from the flex of the stick to the way the puck moves once the blade makes contact is rather interesting. They also have a clip of a stick breaking mid-shot, which might be the best part of the whole thing.

If you’re a science geek or you just wondered how those big hockey players can hammer a puck the way they do, this is a really cool glimpse at hockey's heaviest shot.

(h/t Deadspin)

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