VIDEO: 'Hockey is Ours' -- Nike's new anti-lockout ad

The NHL lockout has taken away the NHL but it can't take away hockey.

In a new ad from Nike, some of Canada's best players like Steven Stamkos and P.K. Subban (with a cameo from Russian star Alex Ovechkin) team up with a bunch of local-rink players to declare that no matter what the NHL might do, they can't take away hockey. The slogan isn't Just Do It (although that would apply in the lockout case, now wouldn't it?) but "Hockey is Ours."

Take away everything you can think of and they will still find a way to play the great game. If they need to, Canadians will just use hamburger patties for pucks or frozen ponds for ice.

All that's missing from the commercial is Mel Gibson in face paint delivering an impassioned speech on a horse. "You make take our money but you can never take OUR HOCKEY!"

Even without William Wallace, it's a pretty powerful commercial. It's Canada-centric, obviously, but it is Canada that loves the sport more than any other country. Certainly puck heads elsewhere can agree with the sentiment; however, you don't have to be a Canadian to feel that way.

I'm not sure how much Nike sponsors the NHL -- if at all -- but this can be seen as an indication that the sponsors are starting to get as fed up as the fans.

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