VIDEO: Interference call costs Senators goal in 2-1 loss

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The Montreal Canadiens proved on Sunday they are a good team this season, beating the Ottawa Senators 2-1 in a tight battle.

But, they did have some help from the hockey gods (the less cynical way of saying the referees).

Early in the third period with the game at that final 2-1 score, the Senators had what looked to be the game-tying goal. The only problem was it was waved off for goaltender interference, that rule that has been stealing controversial goals for a while now.

Somehow, Senators rookie Jakob Silfverberg was called for interference, and even more amazing, he was penalized for it. Often when you have interference calls like that, the goal is just waved off but there's no penalty on the play. In this case, both happened.

Naturally this call gets magnified because it came in a one-goal game and would have been the difference between a loss and an overtime game, but it's an awful call. Silfverberg wasn't even in the crease and it was Canadiens goalie Carey Price who initiated the contact with Silfverberg, not the other way around. It's not as bad as the David Backes game misconduct on Friday night, but it's not far behind.

Fact of the matter is bad calls happen. As long as we have humans officiating, it will happen. The Habs got the benefit of this one and the Sens were on the wrong end, but these things usually have a way of evening out. Bad calls happen everywhere is the main point here.

Hockey was the sport at the forefront of replay to aid in determining if goals should count or not. It's beyond time they discuss expanding replay to look at plays just like this, or for coaches to have a challenge. Yes, it's a judgment call, but it's ridiculous that in today's game they couldn't look to see if something is a penalty, in this case if there was contact and if it was in the crease.

Bad call or not, the Canadiens deserve your attention. They are off to a great 6-2-0 start and have been strong all around. Really, they are part of a vastly improved Northeast Division as a whole.

S/t to Joe Yerdon for the video

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