VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon picks on Bruins, Penguins with NHL Superlatives

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One of the bits Jimmy Fallon brought with him from his time on the Late Show to hosting the Tonight Show was the random superlatives. He hands out yearbook-style awards to whoever the victims are that week all in the name of comedy.

Well just like last year around this time, the victims were hockey players and their mug shots. Of the 16 teams in the playoffs he only poked fun at players from two, the Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins (a bit half-hearted if you ask me), but he definitely nailed it on a couple.

The real winner was his jab at Matt Niskanen who, based on his mug shot, was voted "Worst at darts." Simon Despres was right behind him. Meanwhile Fallon tempted fate by poking fun at Zdeno Chara but he still seems to be alive so that's good.

So what kind of reaction does one get when poking fun at tough hockey players? A laugh from the Penguins, including Niskanen himself.

There was probably a missing joke on Brent Burns in there -- because his mug shots always rule -- but all in all not bad, and Fallon came pretty close on all of the pronunciations as well this year (still need to work on Zdeno). Though we will give a down vote for making basically the same joke as he did last year on Brad Marchand, even if it is still accurate.

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