VIDEO: John Tortorella goes after Flames coaches in hallway

John Tortorella's anger started on the bench, but spilled to the halls. (USATSI)
John Tortorella's (far right) anger started on the bench, but spilled to the halls.  (USATSI)

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Vancouver Canucks head coach John Tortorella was not happy Calgary Flames head man Bob Hartley started a goon line to open Saturday night’s game. Tortorella was so unhappy that he screamed between the benches at Hartley. But after the period ended, with more than 170 minutes in penalties, Tortorella was not yet satisfied.

After the period, Torts made his way to the Calgary Flames dressing room and shared more of his thoughts with Hartley through a wall of Flames players and staff. Things got… heated.

Needless to say this is going to draw the attention of the league and a lot of other people. I don’t know the last time a coach went after another team’s coach off the ice like that. Then again, this is John Tortorella we’re talking about. He’s not exactly one to keep his emotions in check.

As Elliotte Friedman noted on the CBC broadcast of the game, Capitals general manager George McPhee was once suspended one month for going after Blackhawks head coach Lorne Molleken off the ice after a preseason game in 1999. That may be the only instance in recent years that is close to what just happened in Vancouver.

Tortorella could be looking at a very heavy fine and possible suspension for his actions. As upset as he was, the NHL is not going to look too kindly on its coaches engaging in that kind of behavior. Tortorella may be an emotional guy, but coaches are expected to adhere to some level of decorum the league doesn't hold its players to.

If nothing else, Vince McMahon may give Gary Bettman a call for new storyline ideas for the WWE.

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