VIDEO: Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane have dance-off rematch

Jonathan Toews takes on Patrick Kane in a dance-off rematch. (USATSI)
Jonathan Toews takes on Patrick Kane in a dance-off rematch. (YouTube)

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Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane signed identical eight-year, $84 million contracts earlier this month. Each has won a Conn Smythe. Each started their careers in 2007-08 and in many ways are indistinguishable in value to Chicago Blackhawks fans and management. So how could the two faces of the franchise possibly separate from each other?

Dancing ability could be one way.

For the second time in as many years, the duo was challenged by fans at the Blackawks' annual convention, to perform in the most vicious of all arenas: the dance-off.

Each of the players have a signature dance move, if you didn't know. There is something called the "Kaner Shuffle," which is rivaled only by the "Tazer Moonwalk."

The Tazer Moonwalk was made famous by the Blackhawks captain's post-Stanley Cup celebration on the ice at TD Garden in which he rather unfortunately channeled his inner Michael Jackson.

The origins of the Kaner Shuffle have been debated over time, but it is believed to have been born at a 2010 Jimmy Buffet concert, a fitting venue, in which Kane brought out the Stanley Cup from the team's previous title and danced into the hearts of all of Chicago.

The pair was challenged to reprise those moves at the 2013 convention, much to the joy of teammates and fans alike.

Round 1 was a clear victory for Kane, who enthusiastically shimmied and shuffled in a manner that made his teammate a bit uncomfortable.

Just like last time, a pair of young female fans eagerly asked for the rematch. And Round 2 featured a more willing Toews. The results were ... dramatic.

You've got to give Round 2 to Toews for exploring the space of the stage a bit more. Kane's shuffle was a tad uninspired, disappointingly.

New teammate Brad Richards, whom the Blackhawks signed to a one-year deal earlier this offseason was on stage for the festivities. Toews unsuccessfully tried to rope the NHL veteran into the heated competition. No word yet if Richards has contracted his agent to ask for a trade after what he witnessed.

With Kane having won the first time and Toews having taken the second dance-off, there has to be a rubber match, right? Stay tuned for the 2015 Blackhawks convention and the exciting conclusion, I suppose.

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