VIDEO: Justin Bieber gets autographed Leafs stick, freaks

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Justin Bieber is no Stompin' Tom Connors but the kid has been making a lot of appearances in the hockey world of late. He drew the ire of fans and players alike when he stood squarely on the Blackhawks logo in the locker room while taking a picture of the Stanley Cup.

Well, he's back again, although not doing anything awful this time, just getting really excited about a hockey stick the Toronto Maple Leafs signed and presented to him in a plaque. He is, after all, a Maple Leafs fan and was a part of the team for one day, something commemorated on said plaque.

Notice that what seems to get him the most excited is the fact that they are presenting it to "ME! Justin Bieber!" That's the crescendo of the video, not the actual autographed stick.

The video even includes a cameo from Maple Leafs CEO Tim Leiweke explaining this is a rare honor for Bieber. At least that's what I think he was saying, Bieber's video cut him off mid-sentence. I guess this is his version of a signing bonus after being "drafted" by the Leafs this week.

Also, I can neither confirm nor deny that he was standing on the Maple Leafs logo while making this video.

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