VIDEO: Justin Johnson knocks down John Scott with big punch to chin

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John Scott is one of the more fearsome fighters in the NHL. At 6-8, he's bigger than anybody not named Zdeno Chara and has pretty much one role for the Buffalo Sabres: fight.

Somebody forgot to tell that to Justin Johnson of the Islanders.

Johnson, a 32-year-old rookie playing just the second NHL game of his career, went toe to toe with Scott in the first period on Sunday. Well, it wasn't exactly toe to toe because Scott looked to be about two feet taller than Johnson (he's listed as being 6-1). The disparity is so much that the broadcasters tabbed the battle as being David vs. Goliath.

Well David won.

With one strong left-hand punch, Johnson put one square on the chin of Scott and sent him to the ice like a sack of potatoes. That is catching one on the sweet spot (via @PeteBlackburn):

Scott was OK, perhaps more surprised than anything else (not that the punch wouldn't have knocked down just about everybody else in the NHL). It seemed clear that if he didn't respect Johnson much before the fight as a combatant, he certainly did after. All he could do was shake his shoulders and let his body say "hey, he got me" on his way to the box.

It's not every day you see Scott lose a fight, especially to a fighter like Johnson who is so much smaller.

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