VIDEO: Kaspars Daugavins' new and improved odd shootout attempt

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Remember when Kaspars Daugavins tried that zany shootout attempt earlier this season against Tuukka Rask in a game against the Bruins? It didn't work and a lot of people laughed while some others even suggested it was an affront hockey. The nerve of him.

I laughed, but only because it was unique and a bit bizarre. Well that and it seemed like it had no chance of going in. All a goalie would have to do is cover the ice because that puck wasn't going to be lifted when he had the stick on top of the puck. It might have worked once in the AHL, but it just seemed like a short-sighted attempt.

It just won't work against NHL goaltenders. Or so I thought.

Ironically, Daugavins was waived by the Senators shortly after that game and the Bruins claimed him. So that means he gets a chance in practice to get some redemption and he did just that on Monday.

With the Bruins working on shootout attempts, Daugavins first stickhandled like normal and executed a beautiful little deke. On another attempt, perhaps at the suggestion of his new teammates, Daugavins went with the stick on the puck approach again.

This time it ended differently. Instead of executing a spin-o-rama, Daugavins went to the backhand side and actually got the puck airborne, roofing it for a goal.

As you can hear, his Bruins teammates were pretty excited.

Now that we know he can do a little more with the unconventional approach, perhaps we'll see some of the same again from Daugavins and this time people won't laugh, because that move was pretty sick.

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