VIDEO: Kenan Thompson tries (and fails) to recreate knuckle puck

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You might know Kenan Thompson from SNL. You might remember him from Kenan and Kel and their movie Good Burger. But if you're a hockey fan then you undoubtedly remember Kenan Thompson from D2: The Mighty Ducks when he played Russ Tyler.

Tyler's specialty? The kid from Los Angeles had a wicked knuckle puck that he busted out against Russia in the closing minutes of a close game. Even though it came in a sequel, it's one of more memorable, albeit silly, things from the movies.

No matter what Thompson does, people will remember him for that move, so much so that he made an appearance on Fox Sports 1's show Crowd Goes Wild and was asked to try the knuckle puck again.

He's lost his magic.

Well that's just a bit disenchanting, eh? He can't even get the puck up on its edge, let alone make it dance through the air like an R.A. Dickey side-arm toss. The power of Hollywood.

Still, Quack on Thompson, the knuckle puck and the Mighty Ducks will never die.

S/t to Sporting News

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