Video: L.A. Kings mascot Bailey beats Lakers' Dwight Howard in shooting contest

What's an NHL mascot to do during a lockout? Well, one way they can pass the time is to work on their jump shot and free-throw stroke in case they ever come face to face with an NBA superstar in a shooting competition. You know, because that happens all the time in the mascot world.

That's exactly where the top mascot in the sport right now, the L.A. Kings' Bailey, found himself recently, in a shootoff with Lakers star center Dwight Howard.

Bailey apparently has been living at the other side of the Kings' practice facility, where the Lakers have their practice courts. He not only held his own against Howard, he beat the NBA All-Star both at shooting free throws and from the 3-point line.

Now before Bailey starts feeling all high and mighty like he's a King or something (wait a second ...), remember that when it comes to shooting, Howard is, well, not very good. Howard is shooting 47.8 percent from the free-throw line this season and has made just 1 of 33 3-point attempts in his NBA career. So it's not like Bailey just beat Larry Bird.

Still, a hockey mascot wearing a giant lion's head beat an NBA player in a basketball shooting contest? All things considered, it has been a pretty good few months for Bailey -- aside from this whole lockout business.

Howard tried to play it off afterward, saying he let Bailey win to let him feel good about himself. Hey, there is some merit to that. A lockout will really bring a mascot down into the dumps, but we all know what happened. The Kings rule El Segundo, Calif., even when they aren't playing.

Perhaps Bailey could start teaching the Lakers how to shoot from the chairty stripe. As our friends at Eye on Basketball point out, they could use a few tips.

Surprisingly, the Kings' awesome Twitter feed didn't feel the need to gloat about this one when presenting the video. They stayed simple -- which, in a way, just seems to burn more.

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