VIDEO: Man body slams WHL mascot in game of musical chairs

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Intermission games in minor-league hockey are all fun and good ... until a mascot gets suplexed on the ice.

During the second intermission of WHL Victoria's game on Saturday, a friendly game of musical chairs was taking place. As mascots often do in such situations, Marty the Marmot got involved to have a little fun with one of the male competitors, taking a chair from him and sliding it over to one of the female competitors. Cute, harmless fun, right?

Well, the eliminated guy in green didn't like it one bit. He responded by charging Marty like Goldberg with a perfect spear followed by a driving body slam right onto the ice. As if that weren't enough, the fan grabbed the mascot by the leg and dragged him across the ice before leaving the ice to a shower of boos.

At first it was easy to think it was just a rouse, you never can be sure with mascots, but no, it definitely was not. That ice surface is unforgiving and even in a big fluffy suit, that couldn't have felt good whatsoever for the person playing Marty. Perhaps the fan was just trying to have a little rough-housing fun but it didn't turn out that way.

Now according to CFAX, Victorian police are looking into the matter to see if charges should be filed. Again, this happened over a game of musical chairs that involved a mascot. A beloved mascot no less.

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