VIDEO: Michigan couple weds on skates at local ice rink

This Muskegon, Mich., couple tied the knot at center ice. (USATSI)
This Muskegon, Mich., couple tied the knot at center ice. (YouTube)

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Ben Sikkenga has loved hockey all his life. He also loves his new wife Courtney. So it’s only natural the two started their new lives together on the ice.

The couple got married Saturday at the Lakeshore Sports Center in Muskegon, Mich., the same arena they met at all the way back in seventh grade when Ben was playing on the same hockey team as Courtney’s cousin.

According to Ben, now 23, a wedding on ice was always in the plans for the longtime couple.


"When we first got together long ago we had this idea of a dream wedding, on ice," Ben said. "At the time it was in the woods on an outdoor rink in the winter. As we kept talking about it throughout our relationship, joking at times, we slowly conjured up this beautiful dream wedding that actually happened."

Saturday's ceremony replaced pews with bleachers and high heels with skates. Those in attendance had the choice of sitting close to the action on the rink or in the bleachers behind the glass, but regardless of vantage point, the love shared between the couple was impossible to miss.

Here’s a look at the ceremony via MLive video:

You know you’ve picked the right girl to spend the rest of your life with when she doesn’t flinch about pairing the perfect wedding dress with skates. What's that famous saying? "Hockey wife, happy life." I think that's how it goes.

The wedding had a bit of a pre-game feel with the wedding party lacing ‘em up in the locker rooms and skating out to some entrance music in tandem.

After the ceremony was over, the couple left the arena under a tunnel of hockey sticks. The reception, naturally was held in the second rink at the sports center with hockey-themed decorations and a scoreboard displaying the couple’s wedding date according to MLive.

Wow, would you look at that. Made it through that whole post without one joke about cold feet. It was right there. I have no regrets. Congratulations to the lovely couple.

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