VIDEO: Mike Rupp blows out skate, tries to crawl to bench

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Blowing out a skate is never fun for an NHL player. But it can be funny.

Take Minnesota Wild forward Mike Rupp, for example. On a play below the goal line, Rupp was left immobilized with a broken skate blade. He tried a few times unsuccessfully to get up and move on it to no avail.

The puck went to the other end of the ice where, luckily for Minnesota, the Wild were able to get the puck back quickly despite being a man down for all intents and purposes. At the other of the ice, Rupp was crawling back to the bench.

Considering he was going at the pace of any 21-year-old's pub crawl, the Wild were whistled for offside when they tried to re-enter the zone. Rupp was still on the ice.

Between this and Jonathan Quick's gaffe in St. Louis, we're off to a strong start for a playoff blooper reel.

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