VIDEO: Mike Smith gets puck stuck in equipment, carries it into own net

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No matter how much hockey you watch, you can always see something new when you go to the rink. Something as crazy as Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith's own goal in overtime in Buffalo on Monday night would qualify.

The game ended on what is surely one of, if not the flukiest goal you will ever see. With the Sabres' Mark Pysyk on the forecheck, he poked at the puck as Smith came out to challenge him, sending the puck straight up into the air. Smith turned around to retreat in his net as the puck fell right into Smith's lap. Literally.

Confusion came as the puck disappeared in Smith's pants and as any goalie will do when he isn't sure where the puck is, he went in his net and hunkered down. Little did he know he took the puck into the cage and scored for the Sabres to end the game.

The referees weren't quite sure what happened as they all tried to find the puck. Eventually a goal was called on the ice and it stood up upon review to go down as the wildest game-winning goal you'll see.

It didn't take long before this was dubbed The Butt Goal. Then after the game ended on one of the craziest goals you'll see, Smith had one of the best quotes you'll see given the context.

Unbelievable, all around.

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