VIDEO: Milan Lucic slashes Danny DeKeyser between the legs

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Goals were hard to come by in the first two periods of a physical Game 1 between the Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings. Sometimes frustration takes over in games like that and sometimes that frustration manifests itself in a rather ugly manner.

Milan Lucic took his frustration to a bit of an extreme, however.

In the closing seconds of the second period, Red Wings defenseman Danny DeKeyser was watching the play progress up the ice shortly after finishing a check on Lucic. With DeKeyser’s back to him, Lucic took full advantage.

The Bruins forward gave DeKeyser a slash between the legs, making contact with a rather sensitive area, whether DeKeyser was wearing a cup or not.

Lucic went unpenalized as it was unclear whether or not the referees saw it. You can actually see in the video Lucic look to find the ref before he gives DeKeyser the business.

It’s an incredible dirty play, obviously, but one that hasn’t often been met with much discipline from the league. Even as emotions take over, there are just some things that should never be OK. That’s one of them.

Lucic does have a history with this particular move as he did the same thing to Alexei Emelin of the Canadiens earlier this season.

The NHL should probably be looking at this. It’s an unnecessary play that gets overlooked too often, like what happened with Emelin. With all the cameras on him in a big playoff game, there’s no excuse for this kind of stuff from Lucic.

DeKeyser and the Red Wings ended up getting the last laugh with the 1-0 victory.

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