VIDEO: Minnesota high school players have awesome hockey hair

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Whether you call it flow, lettuce, salad or just hockey hair, chances are if you're a hockey fan you can appreciate a good mane. The sport is full of long locks and wild styles. It's a tradition.

Just the same, it's a tradition for YouTube user Pulltabproductions11 to do one video a year; make a list of the All-Hair team from the Minnesota high school hockey tournament. In case you didn't know, it's kind of a big deal in the land of lakes. Just look at how they pack the arena.

So without further ado, the Minnesota All Hockey Hair team for 2013:

I admit, it's kind of creepy -- the videos have just an odd feeling to them -- but also kind of funny. And certainly the video maker has a keen eye for some fantastic heads of hockey hair. Too bad the flow buckets have to cover up those beauties (that's about as much hockey lingo as I can responsibly do in one post).

No. 1 is worthy with the special effects and all, but anybody who has Jaromir Jagr's old hair to a T shouldn't be anywhere but No. 2.

Now we wait a year for the All Hockey Hair team in 2014, the next time we'll hear from Pulltabproduction11. It's a great honor to the boys keeping one of hockey's grand traditions going. I mean really, you don't see hair like that anywhere else but hockey.

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Flow, salad, lettuce

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