VIDEO: NAHL coach mocks referees by imitating blind man on ice

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Referees are the subject of verbal abuse all the time, no matter the sport. The jeer as old as sport itself usually has to do with the poor old man in stripes being blind.

It's one thing to say it; it's another to demonstrate it. That's where the NAHL's Wenatchee Wild and their assistant coach Chris Clark take the cake with the most outlandishly awesome complaint about officiating you will ever see.

It was a tough night for the Wild, who lost 2-1. Clark's antics came after Noah Nelson was ejected for a fight and before head coach Bliss Littler was tossed.

From the Wenatchee World:

Clark paced around the rink like a blind man tapping his stick on the ice and got tossed from the game. At that point, the Wild (28-7-4 overall) had given up their second goal of the game to the Brown Bears while shorthanded.

The home team was understandably frustrated, but became considerably more upset after the bench received a misconduct immediately after scoring a game-tying goal with 11 minutes in the final period.

“I don’t know what he (the referee) could have heard from center ice with 3,500 screaming,” Clark said.

The Wild were shorthanded following the game-tying goal and its penalty kill unit gave up its second goal of the night about two minutes afterward to fall behind 2-1.

At that point, Clark decided he’d had enough.

The result was this epic display from Clark. Seriously, this has to be on the Mt. Rushmore of coaching meltdowns. In the background, you can see some of the Wild players just laughing as Clark uses a stick as a walking cane.

One of the great parts is that he didn't even wait for a sign to get tossed, he just walked off the ice but took his little detour first.

The NAHL is the North American Hockey League, a Tier II Junior league, or the second highest Junior league you'll find in the U.S. So the quality of play might not be the best you'll see, but this? This will go down in the coaches Hall of Fame of greatest complaints.

About the only other coaching blowup that I can think of that is in the same class as this was when a minor-league baseball coach went nuts and pretended the diamond was a battlefield, complete with grenades shaped like rosin bags.

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