VIDEO: NHL commissioner Gary Bettman accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

Gary Bettman accepts his Ice Bucket Challenge. (USATSI)
Gary Bettman accepts his Ice Bucket Challenge. (

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For a lot of hockey fans out there, ask them the one person they’d love to dump a large bucket of ice cold water over and I’d bet a good portion of them would have the same answer: NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Being the commish is a tough job and it often doesn’t lend itself well to a rosy public image. Lucky for all of those fans out there, Bettman showed that he’s not as stuffy as his public persona would suggest.

The NHL commissioner was challenged by many to take the Ice Bucket Challenge and in a rather surprising move, he did it. He actually did it.

Rocking the aviators, Bettman gave a nice intro to his bucket-dumping. The commissioner also said that it was an honor to participate in the challenge to support such a worthy cause.  As the commissioner quipped before he dumped the bucket over his head, “there appears to be more ice than water.” To that, NHL fans probably said, “good.”

Now wasn’t that satisfying , Joe the Fan? The exasperated “Woah!” upon the drenching was pretty solid.

Bettman’s challenges were pretty great, too, particularly his challenge of Brian Burke, currently president of the Calgary Flames and former league employee. He also challenged former NHL staffers and NHL legends Rob Blake and Brendan Shanahan. I’m sure there are plenty of fans around the league who look forward to those challenges.

As we noted earlier today, the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS has been a sweeping success. Creating awareness for the disease is one thing, but since the Ice Bucket Challenge was started in honor of former Boston College pitcher Pete Frates, the money has been pouring in. The ALS Association says that donations of more than $5.5 million have come in since July 29 according to Pretty remarkable stuff.

You have to give the commissioner credit. I didn’t think he’d do it, and I bet you didn’t either. And now we have the “WOAH” which will live on in eternity, or at least as long as NHL fans keep that tab open on their browsers.

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